We've figured out what the perfect portfolio looks like... First let me say this - the perfect portfolio on paper
We use derivatives to turn uncertainty into known quantities.  Yes, we used a financial dirty word, but derivatives used correctly
I can't take credit for the post/thoughts below.  The credit goes to our Ghost Writer.  I'm kidding - he's actually
The implications of high valuations on investor outcomes is negative.  For those investors that are or will be pulling from
  We found out this morning that Beckham passed Level 1 of the CFA exam.  That's worthy of a post
  The team up in Broomhall, PA do a lot of things well, two of those things we'll note today:
Morningstar - most people have heard of the company.  They provide various tools and services for investors and advisors, many
Today's post is our first guest blog post and we are excited about it.  Over the last 12 months we
Advisors are in the trenches trying to understand liquidity needs and blend risk tolerance with capacity for risk into a fortified plan
Bob Brinker had a great tweet the other day:  "The Problem with buy and hold is not the math, which