Last Tuesday, after a presentation we held in Charlotte, North Carolina a friend of ours, Derek Hernquist who attended, forwarded
Do private investors view risk as standard deviation or some other statistical measure of volatility?  The answer is No. Private
This video was sent to me today and it's worth the have to respect the creativity!  Easily the best
It wasn’t that long ago that I was on the outside of the financial services industry looking in, which I
Amazon has completely changed the retail game.  It's hard to think of a company that has not been forced to
“One of the pervasive risks that we face in the information age… is that even if the amount of knowledge
How important is protecting your capital?  Turns out – it’s pretty important. The Law of Percentages is against us as
Just because you trust your investment adviser doesn’t mean you’re never going to lose money.  The stock market is not
Today’s post is to share thoughts and philosophy relevant to emotion and investing that may be of interest and are