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The Backcourt Report

We're former basketball players, backcourt teammates in fact. We appreciate a good assist that leads to a score. That's what this blog is about. Through it we offer our investment training and insights...and sometimes a dose of hoops an assist to your investment plays.

24 JulHoopin’ in Philly

The team up in Broomhall, PA do a lot of things well, two of those things we’ll note today:  Driveway…

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21 JulThis Tool Should Be Banned

Morningstar – most people have heard of the company.  They provide various tools and services for investors and advisors, many of…

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17 JulThe Real Value of a Financial Advisor

Today’s post is our first guest blog post and we are excited about it.  Over the last 12 months we have…

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12 JulETF Due Diligence…or Not?

Advisors are in the trenches trying to understand liquidity needs and blend risk tolerance with capacity for risk into a fortified plan of…

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10 JulTrendfollow to Improve Outcomes

Bob Brinker had a great tweet the other day:  “The Problem with buy and hold is not the math, which proves…

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