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By: John Goldsberry

12 JanThe Triple Threat

“protecting investors from themselves is not just the hardest thing in the business, it is also the most important thing.”…

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23 SepWhy Momentum?

“Momentum is clearly based on behavioral explanations, including herding, anchoring, confirmation bias and the disposition effect. Because momentum has performed well…

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03 AugBig Balls (pretty sure that’s the professional term)

“Are you really going to buck convention and stick your neck out to recommend a firm that you think has all…

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20 MayThere’s Better Stocks To Own Than Others

A recent blog post, here, by Eric Crittenden at Longboard Funds has been making the rounds for the past week and…

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12 May“guarding clients from their own emotions”

Josh Brown had a blog post a couple days ago on a topic that we talk about here at Aptus on…

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