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Time has unlimited demand and a finite supply…economics was never my thing, but I’m pretty sure that makes it valuable.

Don’t let the fact that your not an expert on all things investing be a hindrance to your investing success.  If your goal is to become an expert in all areas, stop wasting your time.  Here’s the bad news – you will never be an expert in all things investing.  Here’s the good news – you don’t have to be.  Get comfortable knowing you don’t know it all.  Choose to focus your time and energy on understanding the things that truly matter, those things that directly impact your future success. The earlier you do this the better.  Time and markets have a tendency of multiplying the benefit of good decisions.  But remember, the opposite holds true as well.  Avoid the future opportunity costs of bad decisions.

Save early, save often, have a plan, stick to the plan, understand process and evidence supporting it so you can continue to stick to the plan, save some more, reduce costs, save more, and remember – simple beats complex.

In life and investing – time is precious.  Don’t waste it.