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27 JunLopsided Valuations

Check out the picture below that compares valuations of US Stocks and European Stocks.  We won’t pretend that we understand the…

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23 JunETF Volume vs Liquidity

We continually hear investors frame an ETF’s liquidity in terms of it’s volume (how many shares of the ETF have traded).  …

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21 JunHow many funds do you own?

Sometimes we feel like a broken record…and maybe we are, but this should be repeated.   Increasing the number of holdings…

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12 JunThe Stocks at All Time Highs and the Ability to Adapt

The picture and data below come from 361 Capital.  There are 28 large cap companies making new all time highs.  The…

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07 JunUnderstanding ETF Supply

A feature of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) that gets a lot of attention is their ability to trade throughout the day….

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