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Is Aptus building a basketball team?  That’s a question we’ve heard a few times since announcing Marc and Beck were coming on board.  And rightfully so, since I’m the only guy at Aptus whose first job out of school wasn’t professional basketball.  (Believe me, they remind me daily).  But the real answer is No, we are creating a culture to produce needed change in this industry.IMG_1844

That’s a tall task given the inertia embedded… it will take time and effective communication to break the stronghold.  We aren’t the only ones that want to make a difference, thank goodness.  This industry is due for a makeover and it’s happening, slowly but surely.  We want to do our part to speed things up.  High fees, sales loads, and suitability standards beware.

Everyday is an opportunity to usher in a new paradigm…bit by bit, chipping away the old.  Our success demands the discipline needed for daily improvement and the intentional discomfort to spur it.   Somebody a lot smarter than me once said that discipline is painful at the time but rewards those who have been trained by it… I believe that.

There’s work to be done, and we are surrounding ourselves with a group that’s willing to do it.   There will be bumps along the way… but our WHY is big enough.

The opportunity to attack what’s normal is exciting, and to do it in this environment, with this group, makes it that much better.  Our environment is built on accountability, it’s competitive, and it’s also fun.  If you can’t tell from the picture..every now and then you have to have an office dunk contest on the nerf rim! That’s the culture we are creating and one I’m thankful to be a part of.

And yes…we do have a really good company basketball team.