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Ask questions.  A lot of them.  And if you don’t fully understand – Ask more questions.

Don’t be embarrassed (or whatever feeling it is) if you don’t know all the answers – ask questions.  This industry is full of unnecessary complexity (that’s a nicer way of saying it then what it’s really fully of)…equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to sort through it.  It’s your money and you need to understand the details of how it’s being managed and why it’s being managed that way.

The only way to do that is to ask questions.  At some point, you will be approached by somebody in this industry waving the “I have something better” flag – it may even be your current person.  You need to know enough about the structure of the offering and the research supporting the methodology to understand if it is a better solution.  Ask Questions.

Don’t waste your time in search of the perfect investment, it doesn’t exists.  Your decision to work with an investment professional should be based on their ability to accomplish what you need accomplished with the appropriate amount of risk moving forward, period.  Structure and strategy are critical.

Understand the structure of your relationship.  There’s still so much inefficiency in this industry.  Is the structure of your relationship part of it?  Ask Questions –  its worth asking more than just one person.

Understand the strategy in place in your portfolio (hopefully there is one).  Is it supported with research?  Ask Questions.

Stock market investing is a long term process.  If your short term outcomes are not what you would like it doesn’t mean you need to jump ship, especially if the structure and methodology is sound.  By asking questions you will equip yourself with needed discernment.

Our best clients ask questions…a lot of them.  They understand why we believe simple beats complex.  They understand why we engage in consistent-repeatable behavior to minimize behavioral biases.  They understand our structure and have a good enough grip on the research supporting our methodology.  They know when we will look good and when we will not…and they know the reasons for it.

It’s this understanding that creates a trusting environment of transparency and efficiency that’s needed to build lasting relationships primed for success.

If you don’t have the understanding you would like to have about the structure and management of YOUR money, it’s time to change that.  Ask Questions