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Shane Battier isn’t going to the Hall of Fame but if he was the article he wrote which is linked below would have been an outstanding speech.  He’s a confident individual no doubt, and rightfully so, he’s run the gamut in terms of accomplishments. What really impresses us is his recognition of what it takes to be successful, not only in basketball but in life. He was a really good basketball player but that’s not what set him apart, what set him apart was that he was a winner. We’ve been around the game of basketball long enough to know; you don’t have to be talented to know how to win. Someone who talks about putting themselves in a position to be uncomfortable to increase personal growth is someone who is a winner.

The drive to attack the transition from something you’ve done all your life to something completely different is daunting, scary, stressful and frustrating. Seeking out someone who can provide guidance to help with that transition is an act of vulnerability, especially for someone who’s as decorated as Shane Battier. However, possessing self-awareness is a perfect example of a doer, someone who is actively participating in the path to success.

Aptus Capital Advisors is a money management firm but at the core we’re a team dedicated to winning. Winning can be defined in many ways and we’re creative in our description and intentional in our pursuit. It’s a competitive world out there, you better recognize what it takes to be successful and then go do it.

Check out his article below: