If any of this triggers thoughts/questions, please reach out.  Fun to think on and through the future of financial services.  There’s
Venk Reddy has an article on Advisor Perspectives, Robbing 2020 to Pay 2019: A Reality Check for Fixed Income, and
This is a post for any advisor that uses models or third-party management of any kind and is out there
Custom models, off the shelf models, and everything in between - that’s what we do day in and day out. 
According to Investopedia, the term risk asset generally refers to assets that have a significant degree of price volatility, such
A relentless pursuit for impact - that’s the most encompassing explanation of how we spend our time at Aptus. What
We've figured out what the perfect portfolio looks like... First let me say this - the perfect portfolio on paper
We use derivatives to turn uncertainty into known quantities.  Yes, we used a financial dirty word, but derivatives used correctly
I can't take credit for the post/thoughts below.  The credit goes to our Ghost Writer.  I'm kidding - he's actually
The implications of high valuations on investor outcomes is negative.  For those investors that are or will be pulling from