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The Backcourt Report

We're former basketball players, backcourt teammates in fact. We appreciate a good assist that leads to a score. That's what this blog is about. Through it we offer our investment training and insights...and sometimes a dose of hoops an assist to your investment plays.

23 JanValuations are Elevated…What Should You Do?

Valuations in the US Stock market are elevated…the picture below is a few months old but the data is still relevant:…

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17 JanThe Triple Threat feat. Basketball’s Nerd King

“They stopped testing me. And if you’re not going to test me, I’m gonna smoke!” “we’ll operate under the assumption…

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16 JanDiversification is Tough

First and foremost, don’t even think about trying to extrapolate macroeconomic, demographic, and political events into an investment strategy. Say to…

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12 JanThe Triple Threat

“protecting investors from themselves is not just the hardest thing in the business, it is also the most important thing.”…

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30 DecMarket Timing and Getting Your Face Ripped Off

Humans are prone to hate losing money.  Most of us value the same dollar amount of gains differently than we do…

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