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The Backcourt Report

We're former basketball players, backcourt teammates in fact. We appreciate a good assist that leads to a score. That's what this blog is about. Through it we offer our investment training and insights...and sometimes a dose of hoops an assist to your investment plays.

29 JanYou Better Recognize

Shane Battier isn’t going to the Hall of Fame but if he was the article he wrote which is linked below…

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18 JanTrue Diversification

Diversification – everybody’s familiar with the concept and all of it’s benefits, but just to be sure we are on the same…

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12 JanHow Oversold is the Market?

We are just a couple weeks into the new year and the market has pulled back nearly 10% from the highs…

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11 JanChina Built it – But Nobody is Coming

The drop in Chinese Equity Markets has been a headline story that’s created emails and phone calls from clients as the…

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05 JanActive or Passive – What is the better approach to investing?

What is the better approach to investing – Active or Passive Investment Management? It’s a question debated over the years. Passive…

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