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03 DecDon’t Trade ETFs at the Open!

Do Not, I repeat, Do Not buy or sell ETFs at the open.  Using a “market at the open” order type…

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25 NovTransparency – Risky Business if Done Incorrectly

Dan Egan, over at Betterment, just posted a great article titled High Frequency Monitoring: A Short Sighted Behavior.  It’s worth reading…

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18 NovBehavior Matters Most

Phil Huber’s recent post, Are Active Funds Lower Risk than Passive Funds?, is worth a read.  He touches on the Active…

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17 NovShort-Termism…a killer to long term results

Short-termism is an actual word (I think), just google it.  According to the Financial Times, it refers to the excessive focus…

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27 OctThree Dimensions of Discretion

Discretionary stock picking is a popular topic to discuss or read about.   Making money in the markets, especially at the…

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