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23 DecThe Only Stock Market Quote That Matters

The quote below was sent over last week and has to make the list of all time great stock market quotes….

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21 DecDiscussing Performance with Clients

We visit with the advisory community on a daily basis.  With the end of the year approaching, performance is a big…

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18 DecSmart Beta,The Factor-Quilt, and Behavior

Everybody wants to beat the market.  That aspiration is in the make up of market participants.  It has been and will…

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14 DecMomentum and Taxes

Taxes have a significant impact on the performance of any investment.  Mutual funds and ETFs are required to distribute income and their…

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09 DecThe Note-Card Challenge

Investors are bombarded with opinions: Sell this, sell that, buy this, buy that, the market is going up, the market is…

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