We hope this site will serve as an outlet for some of our thoughts on investment strategy and markets in general that can help simplify the complex.  Good back-courts win games and we hope to help investors do just that through effective decision making.

Here is some more info on each of us:

John David Gardner, CFA, CMT  –   JD holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation along with the Chartered Market Technician designation. He has completed an MBA program with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelors degree in financial Services; both at Wright State University. JD and his wife Mallory have four children, Josie Jill “JJ”, Luke, Mims Marie, and Silas.

John Goldsberry – John runs daily operations for Aptus Capital Advisors.  Prior to Aptus, he completed an 8 year career as a professional basketball player in Germany.  He graduated from the Cameron School of Business at UNCW with a degree in Finance.   John and his wife Lindsay have four children, Jackson, Kennedy, Laney Kate, and Maggie.