We are former teammates on the basketball court, both guards, hence the name Backcourt Report…we thought that was pretty clever.  We now serve as the Managing Member and Managing Director at Aptus Capital Advisors.  We are students of all things investing.  We hope this site will serve as an outlet for some of our thoughts on investment strategy and markets in general that can help simplify the complex.  Good back-courts win games and we hope to help investors do just that through effective decision making.

Here is some more info on each of us:

John David Gardner, CFA, CMT  –  JD serves as the Managing Member at Aptus Capital Advisors.  He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation along with the Chartered Market Technician designation. He has completed an MBA program with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelors degree in financial Services; both at Wright State University. JD and his wife Mallory have three children, Josie Jill “JJ” (3), and Luke (1), and just welcomed Mims Marie on September the 13th.

John Goldsberry – John serves as the Managing Director at Aptus Capital Advisors.  He recently completed an 8 year career as a professional basketball player in Germany.  He graduated from the Cameron School of Business at UNCW with a degree in Finance.   John and his wife Lindsay have three children, Jackson (4) and Kennedy (2) and just welcomed Laney Kate on August 12th.