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I can’t take credit for the post/thoughts below.  The credit goes to our Ghost Writer.  I’m kidding – he’s actually the newest addition to Aptus, we will make a formal announcement soon on the details there but for today, we will just share his post before March Madness is behind us.  It’s worth the read:

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”  Seneca

The always-engaging March Madness season is coming down to the Final Four, and this year has given us a historic Cinderella in Loyola-Chicago. Luck plays a huge role in surviving and advancing for sure, but it’s easy to see that the remaining teams are led by some of the most meticulous planners in the game.

We love our hoops here at Aptus, and our competitive spirit flows into every set of plans we design for advisors. With the season upon us, and markets undergoing their own madness, we couldn’t help but appreciate this background on Loyola’s historic run. What pops out to us is the line from a well-coached player, “Preparation breeds confidence.”

In sitting with advisors plotting out a plan for growth, we listen to the specifics of their practice, weaving our analytics into the strengths and weaknesses of the offering. The result is a collaborative rules-based process aiming to take emotion out of the equation, enabling us to manage risk on behalf of the advisor as markets go through up and down cycles.

We know that communication is half the battle in keeping clients on track, and a simple, rules-based process is a lot easier to embrace than a complex approach built on discretionary forecasts. Whether you are a coach, player, advisor, or client, the best plan is the one you can follow with confidence.

* For some added fun, watch one of our own have his own March day to remember.