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We found out this morning that Beckham passed Level 1 of the CFA exam.  That’s worthy of a post to give him the credit and recognition he deserves.

The CFA program is a beast.  An absolute beast.  That’s being said from my own experience. It’s the gold standard of financial designations.  3 levels, each require approximately 300 hours of study time to pass.  The stats show that less than 5% of people who sign up for the program actually complete it.  That’s pretty daunting.  He signed up anyway.  Yes, Beck has two more to go, but here’s why passing the first deserves the leaping shoulder bump and much more.

Beck is covered up with responsibilities.  First and foremost to his wife and his kids.  Their my niece and nephew and I have the privilege of spending enough time with them to tell you that his responsibility to them has maintained it’s proper place in line…the top.  Same can be said for his wife.  From my conversations with her, his commitment  to completing the CFA has made an impact on her as he has not allowed laziness in one priority to affect his others.  That’s hard to do.

Secondly,  his responsibility to the squad in the office and our partners/advisors/clients.   He’s showed all involved with Aptus, the dedication to something bigger than himself.  That’s difficult to do as immediate gratification is hard to find in a start up that’s doing things differently with the sole focus of enhancing investor outcomes.  Beck has showed the commitment to daily improvement and patience required to make an impact.  Selflessness is a requirement and Beck has it.

Beck didn’t have the luxury of carving out 3 hours in the middle of the day to put in work on the CFA.  It had to come in hours that wouldn’t impact his responsibilities elsewhere.  Somebody much smarter than me says you should never hold back good from those who deserve it.  I’ve got respect and gratitude for this accomplishment and I want anybody who stumbles on this blog to know it.  Level II is in the scopes now.

Blazer, sorry to put you on blast, but congrats.  More importantly, thank you – I owe you.