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23 MayPerception or Reality – Which One Matters More?

What’s more important in this industry – Perception created by a marketing story, or the Reality of being measurably valuable? Sometimes I’m…

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20 MayThere’s Better Stocks To Own Than Others

A recent blog post, here, by Eric Crittenden at Longboard Funds has been making the rounds for the past week and…

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19 MayPredicting the Stock Market

You may not have heard yet…but the Fed might raise interest rates.  That might have been mentioned a time or two…

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18 MayRising Above

A good friend and mentor of mine, John Romero, shared a link to Greg Zuckerman’s new book, Rising Above.  He said…

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17 MayThe Case for ETFs

Exchange-Traded Funds are and have been exploding in popularity.  ETFs hit the scene in 1993 with a few million bucks devoted…

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