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The Backcourt Report

We're former basketball players, backcourt teammates in fact. We appreciate a good assist that leads to a score. That's what this blog is about. Through it we offer our investment training and insights...and sometimes a dose of hoops an assist to your investment plays.

26 SepAre You Tactical…or Just a Performance Chaser?

Tactical is a word that gets thrown around in the investment management industry.  That’s not a bad thing.  In fact, we…

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23 SepWhy Momentum?

“Momentum is clearly based on behavioral explanations, including herding, anchoring, confirmation bias and the disposition effect. Because momentum has performed well…

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20 SepBuy and Hold – The Best Strategy You Can’t Follow

Buy and hold works beautifully on paper…but it’s really hard to do. The longer your holding period, the better your chances…

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11 SepRate Hikes and Balance Sheets

Companies have been loading up with debt over the last few years.  As Deutsche Bank illustrates in the chart below, corporate…

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08 SepThe Most Valuable Asset

Time has unlimited demand and a finite supply…economics was never my thing, but I’m pretty sure that makes it valuable. Don’t…

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